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Hebei Province Electric Welding Machine Co., Ltd. is a specialized electric welding machine manufacturer appointed by the Ministry of Machinery Industry. It is also a High-New-Tech enterprise of Hebei Province with a history of over 40 years. We use computers to design welding machine. Welding Machine Product Test Station set up in our company has been approved to be qualified by China Electric Welding Machine Inspection Center. Both Hebei Province Electric Welding Machine Quality Supervision and Control Station and Hebei Province Welding Technology Consultative Service Center are established here. Besides welding machine, we can also supply reinforced joint series products and special plastic cement products.


Our electric welding machine sell well all over the country and some are exported due to super quality products and complete post sale service.We would like to cooperate with friends home and abroad to create a bright future of electric welding business.Currently our electric welding machine and reinforced joint series products fall into 14 series of over 50 specifications in all.

Our BX3-300 and 500 AC welding machine were certified Quality Products of Hebei Province and won the silver prize at the 8th China Welding Fair. They are also the first to pass Safety Quality Certificate of China Electric Products Certification Committee. ZX5-400 Crystal Gate Tube Welding Machine won golden prize at the 10th China Welding Fair.HZS-50 Reinforced Taper Thread Auto Modeling Machine and Taper Thread Joint Sleeve were certified as National Grade New Products, they were also listed the key promotion project by China Construction Dept. We have recently developed Straight Thread Rolling Machine. We also design and  manufacture various special welding machine according to customers' requirements.

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SBX3 Three-Phase AC Arc Electric  Welding Machine

222.gif (74 bytes)SBX3-200
222.gif (74 bytes)SBX3-300
222.gif (74 bytes)SBX3-400
222.gif (74 bytes)SBX3-630


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BX1 Series AC Arc Electric Welding Machine

222.gif (74 bytes)BX1-200
222.gif (74 bytes)BX1-250
222.gif (74 bytes)BX1-300

222.gif (74 bytes)BX1-500



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BX3 Series AC Arc Electric Welding  Machine

222.gif (74 bytes)BX3-300
222.gif (74 bytes)BX3-300-3
222.gif (74 bytes)BX3-500
222.gif (74 bytes)BX3-630
222.gif (74 bytes)BX3-500-3



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MH Series Reinforced Vertical Shielded Arc Welding Machine

222.gif (74 bytes)MH-36 separate unit
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MH-36 whole unit

222.gif (74 bytes)MH-40 separate unit
222.gif (74 bytes)MH-40 whole unit




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